Back to basics

So lately I have been struggling.  I am not a very patient woman.  Ha!  There’s the understatement of the year!  Well, technically I really am .. but I’m not.  I have the patience of a Saint when it comes to working in the capacity of a teacher, a caregiver or a friend in need.  I do NOT, however, have ANY patience when it comes to indecisiveness — particularly my own.  It’s even worse when life dictates that I don’t have any control of which path I choose to take in my life.  Yeh, I know what you are thinkin’… she might be a little bit of a control freak.  I’ll admit it.  Maybe I am.  But in all fairness, I don’t try to control the people around me.  I just hate being stuck in limbo without a plan.  I find it maddening at times.

This past week has been filled with many heart-to-heart discussions chocked full of emotional hurdles that we would have to overcome to make our dreams come true.  While these conversations are “the good stuff” that binds a good relationship together … at the end of the day, I still find myself overwhelmed and emotionally drained at times.  Sprinkle the additional stress of being recently laid off and an upcoming expensive vacation and the uncertainty of the future… and well, you see where my head is at the moment.

This morning I was feeling particularly blue and knew it was time to start searching for the beauty in life again. It was time to get back to the basics. As my friend, Tiffany at Life In The Making says “Go on and find what makes you happy and get to it.”  For me, that meant it was time to start by writing in gratitude journal again, being creative in the kitchen, finding beauty in nature through photography and seeking solace in the arms of my beloved… which I intend to do the moment he comes home tonight 🙂

Today I leave you with 3 gratitudes and a hopes for a much brighter tomorrow.  

1.  New unexpected friendships.

2.  My Nikon DSLR camera

3.  Unexpected romantic gestures – one year later. 


One thought on “Back to basics

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment the other day and for sharing this video! So very, very true…. we all just need to slow down and see the good in every day! We are all blessed indeed!Praying for Peace for your heart and knowing that God provides and that good things are ahead!!!!Happy day, girl! 🙂

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