3 years later?

Okay, okay… so a lot has happened since the last time I updated my blog. And for the record, it hasn’t been quite three years (phew – yay me).

  1.  Since the last time I blogged, I have (quite literally) changed professions 3 times!  Insurance Agent, Photographer (both professional and the launch of my own company) and now… drum roll please… Travel Adviser!   Wanna know what the secret life of a Travel Adviser?  I am now your go to girl.  And after a massive snowstorm, boy am I ever ready to feel some sun and sand between my toes. But more on that later.  We’ll take baby steps together until we catch up!
  2. I’ve moved only 2 times but have a 3rd one on the horizon 😉  I am now writing to you from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.02242015 snow day5
  3. And lastly I was featured on blogher.  Here’s the badge to prove it! 🙂 2016 is already such an awesome year!