3 years later?

Okay, okay… so a lot has happened since the last time I updated my blog. And for the record, it hasn’t been quite three years (phew – yay me).

  1.  Since the last time I blogged, I have (quite literally) changed professions 3 times!  Insurance Agent, Photographer (both professional and the launch of my own company) and now… drum roll please… Travel Adviser!   Wanna know what the secret life of a Travel Adviser?  I am now your go to girl.  And after a massive snowstorm, boy am I ever ready to feel some sun and sand between my toes. But more on that later.  We’ll take baby steps together until we catch up!
  2. I’ve moved only 2 times but have a 3rd one on the horizon 😉  I am now writing to you from the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.02242015 snow day5
  3. And lastly I was featured on blogher.  Here’s the badge to prove it! 🙂 2016 is already such an awesome year!



#GlutenFree Chicken Marsala


I love Marsala.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Steak Marsala or Chicken Marsala … I love them both.  Until last night, I never knew how ridiculously easy it was to make it.  It even rivaled Carraba’s at a fraction of the cost.  Go check it out for yourself over at http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/speedy-chicken-marsala.  You won’t be sorry and save it for your next dinner party.  It’s that good.  Oh!  And if you are #glutenfree like me, substitute  brown rice flour for wheat flour.  Bon Appetit!

Happiness Revealed

The constant quest for happiness is something that is unique and personal to each and every one of us.  To some of us, it means power and money.  To others, it means recognition for a job well done. And still to others, it can be as simple as building meaningful relationships that make life… an easier journey to walk through .  While there is no clear answer what the true answer to happiness is, Louie Schwartzberg, does a great job in reminding us that each day is a gift.  How we choose to look at the world can truly be our own happiness barometer.